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Just who is the Grim and Bloody Podcast anyways?

We're a group of guys who love horror and sci-fi, and show it in different ways. We come from different walks of life and bring four distinct perspectives to the discussions. The podcast started in 2020 as a means to keep engaged with the horror community in between the Death's Parade Film Festival seasons. While the festival saw it's last run in 2022 the podcast is better than ever with listener growth doubling year over year. The Grim and Bloody podcast reaches over 25,000 monthly followers across 33 countries.

Genres we cover:

  • Horror

  • Thriller

  • Suspense

  • Science Fiction

our guest's platforms include:

  • Traditional theaters (wide and limited release)

  • Netflix

  • Shudder

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Tubi

  • Screambox

Past events

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