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Chaser TV Series | Q&A with Director and Cast | The Grim and Bloody Theater

Updated: Apr 15

Published 4/14/2024

Chaser, the limited TV series is NOW available on all on-demand cable channels, and Amazon Prime! This thriller stars Daniel deWeldon, Russ Russo, and Gia Bay, and is written and directed by Daniel Roemer.

We had the utmost honor to speak with Daniel deWeldon, Russ Russo and Daniel Roemer in the lead up to its release. Join Anthony DeRouen, Al Omega, And Kevin Nickelson as we help usher in this Birmingham Film & TV Festival and Star International Film Festival award winner show to the masses.

Regarding Chaser, Daniel deWeldon says, "This erudite show is part of a wider trend in entertainment towards cerebral science fiction, be it the new Netflix series 3 Body Problem, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part 2 or Severance or Foundation on Apple – sci-fi that’s less about epic space battles and more about intellect, is very much de rigueur in 2024. This series asks us to consider the ethics of changing the past,  our role in manipulating the choices of others, and the complexities of the butterfly effect, where one small change can unleash devastating effects."

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